Fresh Start Friday – Conquering the Closet Clutter

My first project for this month’s Fall Fresh Start was to clean out and organize my closets. My closets weren’t too bad, but since we brought Jack home, I’ve been really bad about just stacking and tossing stuff behind a closed door when people drop by with little warning, so this is a good time to clean everything out and get organized before I have to go back to work.

I started with our master bedroom closet. About once a year, I like to go through my clothes and clean out things that I don’t wear anymore or items that are worn out or damaged. I always make three piles as I’m sorting through the clothes: keep, trash, and donate.

If I haven’t worn an item in 6 months, it goes in the trash or donate pile (obviously, there are some exceptions to this, like really dressy outfits that I have bought for special occasions). 

This is the before shot. As you can tell, our closet is pretty stuffed. I also have a major issue with shoes cluttering up the bottom of the closet. To solve that problem, I grabbed a couple baskets and put my shoes in those to keep the floor clean. 

Here’s the after photo – I got rid of about 20 pieces on my side of the closet and 10 on Jeff’s, which gave us a lot more space. The baskets on the floor also really helped reign in the clutter, but still make it easy for me to grab whatever shoes I want to wear and to toss them back in the closet when I get home, which is perfect (I don’t do great putting them back in boxes and keeping them organized that way). 

The other closet that drives me crazy is my pantry closet in the kitchen. The closet is built over the basement stairs, so it is an awkward shape and it can make it hard to reach items. This closet tends to be a catch-all when I have to clean up really quickly because someone is coming over unannounced and I want to hide our clutter (it happens WAY too often!). 

Here’s the before: 

There’s a good amount of storage space in this closet, but because of it being built over the stairs, it is hard to access what’s in the back. I really just pulled out all the stuff that I had shoved in here in a rush and tried to organize it with items we use in the front and items we rarely need in the back. This is where we store our cat food (in the Rubbermaid box) and where I keep my Crock Pot and large Dutch ovens, stock pots, and entertaining pieces. 

It didn’t take long to reorganize this space, and it feels so much bigger and I can actually see what I’m looking for and easily access everything now. 

The next closet that I am tackling is my mud room closet. We currently keep our cleaning supplies and vacuum in that closet, but I am planning to move the vacuum and free up the floor space in the closet so I can put our cats’ litter box in that space. I found a cute cat door on Amazon that we’re going to install on the bottom of the closet door so they can go in and out easily. I’m hoping this will help cut down on the cats scattering litter all over the mud room. We’re hopefully going to get that done before the end of the month, so I’ll be sharing our progress soon! 


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